Nursery Shop

As well as plants we also sell other items that fit in with our vision of  Quercus: Recycled, vintage, natural and quirky.

All these items are available in the nursery and will vary depending on availability.  We love visiting antique shops and reclamation yards to find interesting items to use in the nursery or to plant up and sell. We enjoy giving customers ideas to use in their own garden that are not expensive and easy to do.

Over time we also plan to stock a range of outdoor pots, compost, garden sundries. and gifts. Items will also vary through the seasons with bulbs for planting in autumn, spring  and bedding.

Large embossed planter with rope handles £16.50

Tall plant support £14.95

Small embossed buckets £6.50

Hanging hearts, £4.95

Zinc planters with rope handles, 4.95, 5.95, 6.95

Quirky birds £7.50

Embossed Bucket with handle, 9.95 and Zinc planters in wooden tray

Aged terracotta pot set£19.95

Heart label or seed packet holders  holders £4.95

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Wee shop 2018

Metal plant supports, £13.50

Metal plant supports

Metal plant supports

Terracotta and glazed pots

Gift Vouchers

Twin galvanised pot, perfect for bulbs or indoor £14.95

Ceramic flower pots, £4.95, £7.50, £15.50

Aged terracotta pot in basket, £6.60

Pecking Robins £14.95

Mother hen, £44.95, Rooster, £49.95

4 Aged terracotta pot in basket, £22.50